Good morning Paul, just a note of thanks for the great work from Alea Woloszyn. I visited your clinic over the last three weeks recovering from a broken ankle. Alea helped me regain a decent range of motion in a short amount of time. She was very attentive and was interested in what was important to me in my recovery and set up exercises to get me on that track. Always punctual and with a good attitude. With any luck, I will never see the inside of your clinic again ;-), but huzzah for Alea!

Ben M., Patient

I have been undergoing physical therapy for my shoulder at your facility since early November. I have been very impressed by your health care providers and I believe that I have received exceptional care. A testament to your philosophy of care and total commitment to physical therapy for a patients needs. Thank you for your attention to detail and employing people with a dedication to a vision like yours.

Patrick T. Ainslie, D.D.S., M.S.

I have been a patient at Physical Therapy Specialists on and off for twenty seven years. They have rehabilitated my knees, shoulders and back. Twenty seven years ago my knee was so badly injured that my physician told me to buy an electric cart - that I would never be able to walk again. Thanks to PTS, I have walked hundreds of miles in the mountains, deserts and forests on three continents. The expertise is cutting-edge-indeed they contribute to state-of-the-art research. The care is personal, kind, energetic and complete. Their fitness center enables former patients to pursue life-long fitness under the watchful eye of true professionals. PTS is the only outpatient physical therapy clinic that I or my family will use.

Carl Freeman, PhD, Professor, Biological Science
Wayne State University

Just a note to express my appreciation for the excellent care you have provided for me and my patients for over 25 years. Your well trained staff is both courteous and proficient. I have benefited greatly from your therapy and your fitness program .I have had nothing but positive reports from the many patients I have referred to you for therapy and fitness. Thank you for your fine work.

Clayton H. Gordon, MD
General Surgeon

Having been a patient off and on at PTS since 1983, I am very familiar with the services offered and staff. The reason I am a permanent fitness member and occasional patient is the quality and level of service provided. Having been a patient at hospital PT and several other independent PT facilities, I am convinced that it would be difficult if not impossible to find better care than that provided by Paul Roubal and the staff of PTS.

Joseph R. Gulvezan, DDS

I have worked with Paul Roubal, Ph.D., DPT, OCS and his staff for more than 30 years both as a resource for treatment of my women patients with migraine but also my male patients and myself for physical injuries and muscle strains. I do not consider any other physical therapy organization as effective, well-staffed or as well educated as Paul Roubal's Physical Therapy Specialists, P.C

Edward Lichten, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor Wayne State University College of Medicine F.A.C.S., F.A.C.O.G.

I've known Paul Roubal for almost 30 years, and I've been referring patients and friends of mine to his practice for all those years. In fact, I've also been a patient of his whenever I needed some physical therapy. I give the practice the highest recommendation possible. I'm very selective when it comes to referring people. I have total confidence that I'm doing the right thing when I send people to Dr. Roubal.

Alan R. Grodin, DDS
Clawson, Michigan

The facility and equipment are top notch. The staff and therapists are all experienced, thorough and personable. They do a great job of rehabilitating my body.

Craig Wernette, DDS

The highest quality physical therapy care anywhere. PTS is where I send my family. One of the few physical therapy clinics where you don't need to worry about which PT is seeing your patients. Each and every therapist provides exceptional care. Some of the most highly trained therapists in Michigan. They continually produce quality research while giving outstanding, personal patient care.

Jeffery D. Placzek, MD, PT
Orthopedic Surgeon

I want to thank you and your wonderful staff for the excellent care that you gave me following my recent spinal surgery. As you know, I have had multiple surgeries in the past, as well as injuries, for which PTS has treated me. You and your associates have outstanding diagnostic and therapeutic skills. Everyone on your staff has treated me with the greatest of respect, courtesy, and professionalism. As you know, I have referred multiple patients and friends to you and will continue to do so. Thank you Again for the great care.

Robert L. Stephenson, M.D.

After a few visits to this facility, I was convinced that he was right. All the physiotherapists there have advanced degrees in physiotherapy, and many of its sub-specialities. Many of them are continuing advanced studies, even though they have more than adequate to certification. It is because of their interest in the complicated specialty that I am impressed by their neuromuscular understanding, and the support both in and out of the facility that contributes significantly to the patient's emotional participation in the healing process. All the preceding is result of observing and talking to many patients there over many months.

Sander J. Breiner, MD, FAPA

I want to tell you how pleased I am with my physical therapy treatment. For many years prior to my surgery, I fought constant shoulder pain every day. After coming to you for my physical therapy rehabilitation for 3 or 4 months, I was amazed at the success. My mobility and strength was even better than it as 30 years ago. And not to mention – I AM COMPLETELY PAIN FREE!! Special Hats off to Paul Roubal for his complete customer care team approach. From the office personnel to the assistants to the fitness staff, everyone is so friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I have been to many physical therapy locations over the years and bar none, yours by far is the best! Over the years I have referred many patients to you. Please use me as a reference to any potential physical therapy patients that are considering shoulder replacement. I have and always will be one of your biggest advocates. I wish you and your staff the best of luck in the future. Keep up the good work and thank you again.

T. Shea

Thank you so much for everything! I truly looked forward to coming into the therapy office every week. Everyone on the staff was very talented, knowledgeable and friendly. I feel great and am also more educated and was given the tools to stay feeling great. I think that is the most valuable thing. When I first came to the office I had lower lumbar and leg pain and numbness – it was so bad it was affecting my daily life. I now feel awesome and stronger than ever! I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone looking for P.T. YOU’RE GREAT! Thanks Again.

H. Paluszczak

“Like the way everyone worked together to make sure patients were taken care of. I felt seamless transitions for all activities. Liked and relied upon professional level of care. Extremely aware that patients’ care is #1 priority and all are on target with what must be done. I would recommend Physical Therapy Specialists, PC to friends and family – I have had limited therapy in the past but could easily see that your level of care is exemplary. Thank you – and all the staff for your thoroughness. I think I failed to mention the friendly atmosphere! You guys do good work!

D. Horner

I was able to make all of my appointments ahead of time, which was very convenient. The PTS billing team did all the work for me. Everyone I dealt with at PTS really cares about people. They took good care of me. This is my favorite place for PT. Thank You!

C. Richard

I have been a fitness member for 3 years so I know many of the people who work in the treatment area. The staff in the treatment area and the fitness center are a group of incredibly caring and knowledgeable individuals. I learned a lot through working with my therapist. He explained what he thought was contributing to my pain, answered my questions, challenged some of my thinking, and understood my frustration when my progress was slower that we expected it to be. What impressed me most, both in the treatment area and the fitness center, is the attentiveness given to each individuals needs. I have recommended Physical Therapy Specialist, PC to friends and they were very happy with PT Specialists.

D. Nett

“PTS is well staffed. I felt comfortable working with such caring and well trained staff. I was given plenty of help and time with my numerous questions. I sensed that the staff really cares for our quality of life and is really cheering for our progress. Good Teamwork!

Barbara M.

Everyone is so very concerned about how you feel or if you are in pain and they want to make you comfortable. This is the best place I have ever had therapy.

Josie B

PTS was able to accommodate my schedule, which is very important to me in this busy, hectic world.


Being in upper management I understand the importance of solid teamwork. Your staff, at all levels is a great group of people. Each and every one I had worked with was willing to help the other... with a smile. Excellent team and family atmosphere.


It is not just a job for staff- they have a strong sense of pride in the facility, their competence and the welfare of their patients.


As a repeat patient, I like the fact that the same knowledgeable staff is still there. Great employee retention! Great continuance of care!


I'm amazed at the comprehensiveness of my therapy session. Most friends tell me they're in and out of their sessions within half an hour. The team at PTS processes you through a complete evaluation, explains your rehab program in great detail and follows up with you on every step of the process. Knowledgeable staff members ensure you utilize the exercise equipment efficiently for maximum rehabilitation of your injury.

Kenneth S.
Troy, MI

12 weeks ago I underwent total knee replacement surgery of my left leg. Today I am functioning at a level that I have not been at for years. While I was fortunate to have a very good physician I also feel that I was just as fortunate to work with all of the people at Physical Therapy Specialists. It was quickly obvious to me that each person there took pride in having their patients succeed with their physical therapy goals. With their help I was able to regain full range of motion in my knee and now am only working to continue to strengthen the muscles.

Each therapist, and their assistants, pushed me to continue to improve upon the healing and strengthening of my knee yet they always made sure that my progress was without pain. Whether in therapy, or in the gym, they made sure that I was informed and comfortable with everything that was being done. The combination of therapy and exercises in their gym which they customize to the needs of each patient needs is excellent. I believe their method of approaching physical therapy was key to the successful outcome of my surgery and I recommend this group of true professionals to anyone.

Gary K.
Bloomfield Hills, MI

The people here know what they're doing. When you're in pain, you want to get fixed, and they get the job done. I've been there many times over the past couple of decades, and the service is almost uniformly excellent.

I especially appreciate the flexible scheduling, which offers treatment times on Saturdays, and into the evening during the week. In a typical set of sessions (for me), the later sessions eventually wind up taking the better part of two hours, and "the gym" is open until 9:00, so I can get there at 6:30 or 7:00 and still get everything done.

The therapists are very good at helping you understand what's actually going in your body to cause the pain, so you can both understand why the exercises help, as well as know what NOT to do, so as to prevent the flare-ups. (My pain problems are chronic.)

I would (and have) recommended them Highly to anyone who could use some pain-relief therapy. Their massage therapists are also top-notch (although I haven't had time to visit them lately).

Dave B.
Clawson, MI

In the past several years, I have been a post-op patient for both shoulder and back surgeries. I chose professional care from Physical Therapy Specialists, PC, because of its effective team management program with highly skilled therapists. The rehabilitative efforts provided great outcomes for both healing issues. Over those periods of time, I witnessed the consistently busy, well-organized staff meet the needs of vastly different health concerns, treating people with care and compassion. The experienced P.T.S. physical therapy team successfully reached my rehab goals with encouragement and understanding. Flexible hours were very important to my own professional schedule--but even more outstanding was the repair and great outcomes for my back and shoulder! I recommend Dr. Paul Roubal and his staff to all who want assessments with integrity and great results from honest effort!

Diane M.
Rochester, MI

I have been a patient at Physical Therapy Specialists on and off for over six years and have always received excellent treatment. In fact, I know that I would never have recovered fully from two major shoulder surgeries had it not been for the skilled and dedicated therapists who work for Dr Roubal. My therapist, Marc Cacko, pushed me through some difficult therapy sessions and also encouraged me emotionally during my recovery.

Dr. Paul Roubal has been in business for many years and is dedicated to providing his patients with the best treatment available in PT therapy. He truly cares about his patients and maintains a highly competent and caring staff. Several of his therapists and therapy assistants have been with him for over a decade. If you are looking for an excellent team who will fully participate in your treatment and truly care about returning you to optimal health, I highly recommend Physical Therapy Specialists.

Sterling Heights, MI

I have been a patient for numerous orthopedic problems since Paul Roubal opened his practice in 1984.Paul's expertise, care, and concern for my welfare has been, and currently is, exceptional. He has trained his well-qualified staff in his techniques and procedures. The personalized and professional evaluations and rehabilitation programs are second to none. Two minutes into a conversation with Paul and you immediately realize that he has a sincere interest in your welfare. This expertise, kindness, and compassion are also mirrored in your therapy sessions with staff members. In addition to being an absolutely superb physical therapy facility Dr. Roubal has added a fitness center designed specifically for post rehab patients. This on site facility is well equipped and staffed by the same personnel as the rehabilitation center. I have recommended Physical Therapy Specialists to many individuals and they have been very pleased with their results and progress. If any orthopedic situation arises in your future visit Dr. Roubal and his staff, you will be glad that you did.

C. Bond
Birmingham, MI

I have been in physical therapy off and on for 6 years, in between surgeries. My DR asked me to try a different place and recommended Physical Therapy Specialties, PC. I could not be happier. I have made more progress in 7 weeks with PTS than I have in the past 6 years.

I had a rare surgery. They researched it to make sure that I was not going to do anything to cause pain. Everyone there is so kind and compassionate, it is a pleasure to go to PT even though it kicks my a**. I will be forever indebted to them for everything they have done for me!”

Beth G.
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Have been going to PT Specialists for 5 weeks now, post hip replacement. Found both therapists Paul and Barb, to be extremely knowledgeable. After my initial interview, Paul was quick to realize I would want a vigorous PT routine that would prepare me to get back to my very active lifestyle and to tennis as quickly but safely as possible. Brittany was my PT assistant and was fabulous.

The written printout of exercises made my routine very easy to follow. In the gym, both Brandon and Neil were outstanding! The first time there, they guided me through all of the equipment. On subsequent visits, they were readily available to ask questions, set up equipment, correct form etc. They were always available and very approachable. Is a very comfortable atmosphere, and clearly the elderly were not intimidated, which speaks volumes. Am well on my way to returning the courts soon! Only suggestion would be to freshen up the decor a bit. Would definitely recommend PT Specialists to others and would return should I need therapy in the future.

Barb M.
Troy, MI

My therapist, Brian was excellent in all respects. He showed total enthusiasm. He is a true asset to this company for his help in my rehab. He followed my doctor's order to a "T" and made progress where another Physical Therapy center failed. Physical Therapy SpeciaIists was recommended to my by friends who had used them previously. I would highly recommend Physical Therapy Specialists and would definitely use them again if needed

Ed R.
Madison Heights, MI

This place is the best for shoulder issues! I have been to them twice now, once with rotator cuff problems on my right shoulder five year's ago, and just recently with rotator cuff issues on my left shoulder. I was very pleased to find my PT, Jim Storhok, was still there, as was much of the staff. This speaks very well for the business, that knowledgeable staff choose to stay long term. The level of attention and "coaching" is phenomenal. There are kind and attentive staff members at each phase of the treatment, whether it is the PT, the technicians, or the gym staff. Especially valuable is the seamless transition from working with the PT to working out on the machines. There is ample staff to monitor as you do the exercises. I found them very knowledgeable and motivating, to the point where I have joined their gym so I can continue to work out with this group. At the end of treatment I have gained significant strength in my shoulder and am pain free. I highly recommend Physical Therapy Specialists and will report back to my doctor on what an excellent group they are.

Claudia S.
Bloomfield Hills, MI

I love this place and the professionals who work here. After my PT for my back injury I decided to sign up for the fitness club. I never have to wait for machines, the staff are caring and provide personal attention and are extremely available. If I ever need PT again I am going back to the therapist here. The first time I went my therapist Mark fought with my stingy insurance to get me more sessions. It is rare for people to go out of their way like this. I have met many people who stayed on after PT because of the excellent care and professional attitudes of the staff. I am doing very well with my back pain and am thankful to the staff for helping me

Kamilia S.
Royal Oak, MI

Mark Cacko was my PT and he was sensational. Perfect combination of knowledge, caring, and personality. I would recommend Mark most definitely.

John H.
Bloomfield Hills, MI