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Professional Fitness, Inc. was established out of a demand from ex-patients looking for a safe, non-threatening, supervised environment to continue their exercise programs in. In 1992, we opened our doors to the public.

At Professional Fitness, Inc. we have a wide range of clients. Our membership is made up of community members whose doctors have recommended regular exercise, those with chronic medical issues that need monitoring and simply feel more comfortable working out under supervision with access to medical professionals on site, student and professional athletes, people with active lifestyles looking for specifically targeted workouts, and the elderly. They have one thing in common; all are proactive about their health!

Our fitness center features the most up-to-date exercise equipment available. This includes Nu-Step stair climbers, elliptical trainers, stationary bicycles, plyometrics, treadmills and a Versa-Climber. We also feature a full line of Cybex Strength Systems progressive resistance weight training equipment. Isokinetic exercise provides a "positive" resistance in both directions, which is often safer than using "negative" resistance for specific joint problems. It can also develop fast speeds of movement for use in sports activities and, in combination, has been shown to provide cardiovascular exercise as well as strengthening. Special exercises with high speed pulley systems are also available.

In addition to a generously and thoughtfully equipped workout facility complete with a whirlpool and men’s and women’s locker rooms, we also offer convenient hours, and a well-educated and certified, dedicated team.

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Becoming A Member

*Please Note - Prior to being accepted as a member of our fitness center, medical clearance may be required according to the guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Members will then be given a thorough health and lifestyle assessment by one of our Exercise Consultants. In addition, one of our physical therapists will perform a musculoskeletal fitness evaluation which will assess present fitness levels in areas such as posture, gait, flexibility, strength, balance and coordination.

Results of the musculoskeletal fitness evaluation will be discussed with the Exercise consultant, and recommendations will be given with regard to special program emphasis, precautions, or a need for further medical evaluation prior to beginning the fitness program. From this extensive evaluation, a full fitness program will be designed by the Exercise Consultant. Your individual program will then be instructed and supervised by our fitness staff. Throughout your membership, your fitness program will be monitored and modified at regular intervals. In our fitness program, you will have the opportunity to consult with our staff physical therapists, who will be available should a problem arise.

Fitness Center Hours

The fitness center is open the following hours:

Membership Fees

There is no initiation fee! Membership is available in the following options:

Membership Price
1 month $95
3 months $240
6 month $425
9 month $480
1 year $720

Please see our FAQ Page to help answer any additional questions you may have