Thank you for visiting the Physical Therapy Specialists, PC web site. We are now part of the Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Network. Mary Free Bed, based in Grand Rapids, is the nation's fifth-largest freestanding rehabilitation hospital. For more than a century, Mary Free Bed experts have provided specialized rehabilitation for adults and childrens recovering from injuries and illnesses.

We have set up the site in such a way as to hopefully answer all of the questions that you might have for us. However, if that is not the case, please feel free to call us at 248-362-2150 and dial “0” - one of our caring and knowledgeable teammates will be happy to help.

If you are viewing our site as a potential patient, we are sorry that you or someone close to you in life are not feeling well, and we hope that you will put your trust in us to get you moving in the right direction and back to life as soon as possible.

Good Health!

-The Team at Physical Therapy Specialists, PC.