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Annual physicals make all the sense in the world. Experts tell us – and your personal experience probably bears this out – that the average hands-on time spent with a patient by an MD during an annual physical is less than ten minutes. For many, an annual physical is simply not enough.

Dr. Paul J. Roubal, PhD, DPT, OCS, offer a supplementary medical analysis which takes a more detailed….and very helpful…look at your body. Called a full neuromusculoskeletal examination, it goes well beyond the basics. In fact, it’s an assessment of the entire neuromuscolorskeletal system. This full work-up focuses on the head and neck, spine, peripheral joints, and the overall neuromusculoskeletal system. The evaluation concludes with recommendations about how to address any issues which present….tailored to each patient individually.

For added usefulness, our findings along these dimensions lend themselves to being shared with patients' requested physicians to augment annual physical findings.

This assessment service is seen as a particular value for those who seek more face time with medical professionals as well as those who want to include in-depth neuromusculoskeletal analysis with their annual health work-up.

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Initial Assessment: $195.00*
Repeat Assessments: $149.00*

*Please note that this service is not covered by medical insurance

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