The Cardiac Rehabilitation program at Physical Therapy Specialists began with a need. We saw that patients who needed cardiac rehabilitation were often severely hampered by existing orthopedic issues like knee arthritis, degenerative hips, and other problems. (According to national statistics, drop-out rates for cardiac rehabilitation programs average anywhere from 30-65%.)

With such challenges as our background, PTS developed a very specific protocol addressing both cardiac conditioning and concurrent patient orthopedic problems. The protocol utilizes upper body ergometers, nu-steps, and other types of aerobic exercise equipment that even an orthopedic patient can tolerate in cardiac conditioning. By including treatment for orthopedic problems that might hinder aerobic exercise, we can keep patients going on conditioning programs even after discharge from formal physical therapy. Because our fitness center is also open to the public, a patient who has been discharged has the option to sign on as a fitness member and remain under our care.

Team members at PTS are well versed in appropriate precautionary measures pertaining to cardiac conditioning. Moreover, our team includes three exercise physiologists with many years’ experience. Our cardiac rehabilitation program accordingly combines the expertise of the physical therapists with that of the exercise physiologists when determining plans for patient treatment.

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