Tips for Avoiding Back Pain

June 14, 2019

Written by: Alena Walrath, PTA
Back pain affects most of us at some point in our lives. It can also be very debilitating. Fortunately, there are things that you can do every day to help prevent them. Here are some basic tips:
1. Watch your posture. This is easier said than done and may require the help of a mirror or a friend to give you honest feedback. When sitting, avoid slouching, don’t cross your legs and keep both feet flat on […]


Protein: More than Just a Source of Energy

June 12, 2019

Written By: Lisa Perry, RDN, Lisa Perry Nutrition
Protein has many roles in the body. Protein aids in growth and repair of tissues acts as a messenger in the form of hormones, aids in immune function, and helps support fluid balance and proper pH.
As we age into our senior years, our bodies need more protein to keep up our activities of daily living. Loss of muscle mass is common, as we age.
Many older adults don’t eat enough protein. While the Reference […]


Watch Your Step!

June 7, 2019

Written By: Alena Walrath, LPTA
We are often reminded to be extra careful in the winter months when the ground is icy and the
sky is cloudy, but don’t let the warmer weather of summer catch you off guard. Here are some
tips to avoid falling any time of year.
Are you planning to go to the pool this summer? Whether indoors or outdoors, pool decks can
be slippery. Unfortunately, flip-flops don’t offer much to keep you from falling. Choosing the
right footwear can be critical […]


Exercises To Improve Posture

May 31, 2019

Written By: Megan DeLuca, MEd, CPT
PTS Fitness Blogger
To put it simply, poor posture affects our long-term health. Over time, it causes bone
and joint issues that jeopardize our quality of life. Poor posture can lead to debilitating
headaches, injury, and circulatory issues. From mild to severe pain and discomfort to
other health concerns caused by medication use, slouching can be the underlying issue
that if remedied early can save a lot of agonies later.
The human body is designed to walk and run, not sit […]


A Silent Disease

May 25, 2019

Written By: Lisa Perry, RDN
May is National Osteoporosis Month. Osteoporosis can weaken bones and lead to fractures. Why is it called a “silent disease?” Often, there are no signs or symptoms that you have, until you break a bone. Half of the women and one in four men over the age of 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis, according to the National […]


Exercising with Arthritis

May 17, 2019

Always warm-up before jogging or injury occurs…Written By: Megan DeLuca, MEd, CPT
PTS Fitness Blogger
Your joints ache, you’re tired and in pain. Getting up and active may be the last thing you want to do but it could be just what you need to ease pain, improve range of motion and energy level. Exercise plays an important role in managing […]


How Much Does Sleep Matter?

May 10, 2019

How Much Does Sleep Matter?
Written By: Alena Walrath, LPTA
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommends that adults get 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Are you getting enough? What are you willing to sacrifice for a few more minutes or hours of awake time?
Lack of sleep can have a negative effect on your immune system, how well you heal from […]


Reduce Arthritis Inflammation Through Diet

May 2, 2019

Written By: Lisa Perry, RDN, Lisa Perry Nutrition,
With the 2019 Walk to Cure Arthritis just around the corner, discussing nutrition strategies seems fitting. While there is no specific diet for arthritis, increasing anti-inflammatory foods may help ease symptoms.  Some suggestions include:
Eat plenty of non-starchy vegetables and fruits, which are good sources of antioxidants needed to quell inflammation.
Cook […]


Are You Suffering from Joint Pain?

April 30, 2019

Written By: Alena Walrath, LPTA
If you are, you’re not alone. The reason for your pain could be arthritis. Arthritis is joint inflammation, which causes pain and stiffness in the joints. According to The Arthritis Foundation, arthritis affects 50 million adults. People of all ages can have arthritis, but it is most common in older adults. There are also […]



April 25, 2019

Written By: Megan DeLuca Megan DeLuca, MEd, CPT
PTS Fitness Blogger

Exercise is a form of physical stress. Can physical stress relieve mental stress?

Regular aerobic exercise will bring remarkable changes to your body, your metabolism, your heart, and your mood. It has a unique capacity to exhilarate and relax, to provide stimulation and calm, to counter depression and dissipate stress. […]


5 Tips for Making Sustainable Eating a Part of Your Life

April 22, 2019

Written By: Lisa Perry, RDN, Lisa Perry Nutrition,
April 22 is Earth day. A day to remind ourselves of the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
Do you know that your diet can have an impact on our Earth, too?
The practice known as sustainable eating is about making food choices that are good for our bodies and our environment.
How can […]


ReBlog: Serving Survivors

April 16, 2019

Written By Eric Ries | associate editor of PT in Motion
From pediatrics through palliative care, PTs and PTAs are playing important roles in improving the lives of survivors of cancer. Other health professions are taking notice and endorsing their efforts.
Lynn Tanner, PT, MPT, thinks of patients such as the girl, now 6, who was diagnosed with leukemia at 4 months old but learned to walk and […]


Why Do I Need a Home Exercise Program?

April 11, 2019

Written By: Alena Walrath, LPTA
If you’re a physical therapy patient, you may wonder why you have a home exercise program in addition to your scheduled physical therapy appointments. It can be tempting to skip your home exercises, especially if you are beginning to feel better, but it is well worth your time to do your home exercise program. […]



April 9, 2019

Written By: Megan DeLuca Megan DeLuca, MEd, CPT
PTS Fitness Blogger
Exercise is one of the most important actions you can take to help guard against many types of cancer. Up to one-third of cancer-related deaths are due to obesity and a sedentary lifestyle, including two of the most common cancers in the United States, breast and colon cancer.
Many people […]


Where is the Pain Coming From?

April 4, 2019

Written By: Alena Walrath, LPTA
This may seem like a silly question. If you injured your ankle, it’s likely that your pain is coming from your ankle. However, not all pain is that simple.
Did you know that it could be possible for you to feel pain in a different location than the part of your body that is causing […]


April is Cancer Control Month

April 2, 2019

Written By: Lisa Perry, RDN, Lisa Perry Nutrition,
Consuming a healthful diet may cut your risk for cancer. Recommendations from the American Cancer Society include eating a minimum of 2 ½ cups of vegetables and fruits per day, limiting your intake of processed meats (deli meats, hot dogs, bacon), and replacing highly processed grains with whole grain products. Also, […]


Do you have pain in the arch of your foot?

March 28, 2019


Written By: Alea Woloszyn, DPT
If you’re starting your spring walking trying to enjoy this nice weather, and have pain in the arch of your foot, you may have plantar fasciitis.
Here are a few tips to help reduce discomfort
1. Stretch your calves

2. Strengthen […]


4 Simple Rotator Cuff Exercises to Improve Strength

March 26, 2019

Written By: Megan DeLuca Megan DeLuca, MEd, CPT
PTS Fitness Blogger
Rotator cuff muscles are prone to inflammation and tears during overhead activities due to muscular imbalances and/or wear and tear. An important way to reduce tears or possible injury is by strengthening these muscles. The exercises below will show you how to strengthen the muscles of your rotator cuff.
Be sure […]


Happy Spring!

March 21, 2019

Written By: Marc Tokie, LPTA
It’s that time of the year again….Spring, or at least that’s what the calendar tells us. As we wait for the warmer temps to kick in with anticipation of getting outside and cleaning up our yards and getting into our gardens we need to take into account some handy tips to prevent ourselves from […]


March is National Nutrition Month®

March 19, 2019

Lisa Perry, RDN, Lisa Perry Nutrition,
As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, my goal is to help clients lead their best lives by making healthful food choices, as well as, developing sound eating and physical activity habits. Nutrition affects each system in our body, including, cardiovascular, brain/mental health, immune, and musculoskeletal, just to name a few. As a result, […]


ReBlog: Four signs you should STOP working out

March 14, 2019

Four signs you should STOP working out
with advice from Mitch Kaye, PT
January often brings resolutions of better health and exercising more. After a month (or 6 weeks) of indulging, hectic holiday plans, and falling off the wellness wagon, it makes sense to try to improve your health through exercise. But there are times when you should listen to your body and stop exercising.
Despite the mantra “no pain, no gain,” if your body hurts, it’s trying to tell you something. Here are four things to […]


What is a Rotator Cuff, Anyway?

March 12, 2019


Written By: Alena Walrath, LPTA
Did you know that your shoulder joint has the greatest range of movement out of all of the joints in your body? Because of this, your rotator cuff is actually pretty important. Your shoulder depends on a group of 4 muscles that provide stability by helping keep your shoulder joint in place and performing […]


Choosing Physical Therapy over Opioids

March 7, 2019

Written By: Diana Francis, LPTA
It is no secret, opioid addiction is a growing problem in the US. The growing number of misuse of these drugs is alarming.
In 2016, the US department of Health and Human Services reported that 116 people in the US were dying every day from this epidemic, and 11.5 million people were misusing these drugs.(
In many […]



March 5, 2019

Written By: Megan DeLuca, MEd, CPT
PTS Fitness Blogger
Get a Risk Assessment and Know Your Numbers!
Most people are dangerously unaware of how much their age, genetics and lifestyle choices affect their heart health. Assessing your risk of a heart attack is the single most important thing you can do right now. Schedule a yearly check-up with your primary care […]


Why Community Gardens Matter

February 28, 2019


On this final day of official observance of African-American History Month, we wrap this three-part series with repost of an interview by Julia Turshen with Karen Washington featured in Food and Wine Magazine last month. Enjoy!
Why Community Gardens Matter
“I think the best thing about a community garden is the word community.”
January 16, 2019
Karen Washington gets her hands in the dirt more than most born-and-bred New […]


Are You Experiencing Text Neck?

February 26, 2019


By: Patrick Brennan, DPT, OMPT, OCS, ASTYM Certified, Clinic Director 
It is obvious that the frequency of cell phone and tablet use has increased dramatically over the past few years.  Less obvious is the impact this can have on your body, especially your neck.  We see patients every day with sore necks, and while texting may or may not be the cause, it is clear that it’s not helping!  Take a look at this recent article from the […]


Ted Corbitt – Trail Blazer

February 21, 2019

We continue our observance of African-American History Month this week highlighting American pioneer, Theodore “Ted” Corbitt, 1919-2007. Ted Corbitt was among other things an Olympian, Physical Therapist, Editor, Administrator, and Educator. The below article was featured on  For more information about Ted Corbitt please visit: 
 Ted Corbitt – Trail Blazer 
I became a serious runner in the late 1970’s. When I decided to train for half and full marathons, there weren’t any local, organized training programs. Thus, we read books about […]


Exercise to Ease SAD Symptoms

February 19, 2019

Written by:Megan DeLuca, MEd, CPT ,PTS Fitness Blogger
Has your mood dampened with the shorter days and longer nights of fall and winter?
For those of us who live in Michigan this time of year, getting less sunshine and being less active can contribute to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), known as feelings of sadness and apathy. Others symptoms can include:

fatigue and a tendency to oversleep
change in appetite leading to weight gain
loss of energy
irritability and increased sensitivity
difficulty concentrating

The […]


Bessie Virginia Blount, pioneer physical therapist, inventor, and scientist

February 16, 2019


In observance of African-American History Month, each week in February Physical Therapy Specialists, P.C. will be highlighting an African-American physical therapist who has made a significant contribution both to the profession and society as a whole. This three-part series will be a collection of reposted articles from various sources within the online community. 
We kick off the series focusing this week on pioneer physical therapist, inventor, and scientist, Bessie Virginia Blount, via a […]


Get Back on Track with Your Resolution

February 14, 2019

Written by: Alena Walrath, PTA 
Just a month ago many of us made resolutions to start the New Year. How is your resolution going? If you are feeling defeated already, you are not alone. Believe it or not, most resolutions have to do with exercising or losing weight and inevitably fail by February. According to an article in Psychology Today, changing behavior or creating new habits can […]


Working Out During and After Pregnancy

September 15, 2015

Pregnant young woman relaxing after training with drink and ball
Written By: Alena Walrath, LPTA
Being pregnant is an exciting time, but it can also be an uncomfortable time. Gaining a few pounds is not the only change a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy. Whether you are pregnant, or someone you know is pregnant, you may be surprised at how much physical therapy […]


Back to School Shopping, backpacks…and POSTURE!!

August 27, 2015

sweet little girl carrying very heavy backpack or schoolbag full
Article written by: Jim Storhok DPT, ATC
Can you believe that it is back to school shopping time again? Some of you parents are wondering where the time went because you had such a great time with your kids, and others are very excited that the kids will be spending some time with […]


How to recover better and faster from your bike ride

July 3, 2015

Written By: Donald Stewart
Cycling is a fantastic form of exercise because your body is able to boost cardiovascular performance and Increase muscular strength and flexibility.  Although cycling is considered a low risk and impact exercise, you can still develop pesky issues due to your unnatural riding stance and repetitive nature.  So today I will share with you my ride routine that can help […]


A Great Way to Build Muscles and Core Strength for Seniors: The Stability Ball

June 16, 2015

senior woman  in gym
Written By:  Al Neumann, MS, BS, CSCS
Research has shown that seniors who focus on core strength and muscle building are capable of building muscles similar to younger people. However, a lot of seniors do not partake in the strength training necessary to build and maintain muscles. A great and lightweight way to build muscles and improve balance is […]


Readiness to Run

June 10, 2015

People running
Written By: Neil C. Greb, MS, CSCS
Safety First
While running is a terrific way to improve cardiovascular fitness, build stamina and endurance, and aid in weight loss goals, always make sure to consult a physician first.  Once medically cleared, proper stretching before and after a run is crucial to help prevent injury.  Finally, progress runs slowly.  Run at an appropriate pace that can […]



June 7, 2015

iStock_000015202469_Medium iStock_000015202477_Medium
Written By: Mark A. Cacko, MPT, OCS, DN Certified
Spring is here! The weather is getting warmer, which means many of us are looking to get back on the golf course. It has been a long winter, so it is a good […]


Stay Healthy & Enjoy the Coming Good Weather

May 21, 2015

Michigan State Fitness Sports and Exercise pattern vector background
Tips to Prevent Injuries That are Common with an Increase in Activity
Written By: Patrick Brennan, DPT, OMPT, ASTYM Certified
Springtime for many people means becoming more active.  Soccer games, walking the dog, getting the yard back in shape; whatever your chosen activities, it is important to prepare your body, in order to prevent injuries that […]


The Position Technology Puts Us In

April 23, 2015

Article written by: Alena Walrath, LPTA
There are several ways that technology has made our lives better. We can now communicate with people across the world in an instant, access a vast database of information at the touch of a button, and save time and eliminate waste by keeping electronic records. Despite countless benefits, there is at least one major drawback to technology that comes to mind:
Take a moment to think about what you are doing right now. Are you reading […]


IASTM: Could this treatment benefit you?

March 26, 2015

Article written by: Jim Storhok DPT, ATC
Tendinous injuries and irritations are a fairly common problem among active individuals. They can occur secondary to repetitive activities or through overuse. Common chronic or resistant tendinopathies include epicondylitis (tennis elbow), plantar fasciitis (arch pain), rotator cuff/biceps tendinopathy, Achilles and patellar tendinopathy, and trigger finger.
A therapy that is used in physical therapy is called “Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM). The goal of this therapy is to […]


Proactive Information On Safe Ways To Clean Up The Yard

October 31, 2014

Article written by: Jim Storhok DPT, ATC
I can’t believe how fast the summer has gone by, can you? As summer comes to a close we want to give you some proactive information on safe ways to clean up the yard. The leaves are falling, and as beautiful as the changing colors can be, it still means more yard work for most people.
We see many people […]


Balance Training to Decrease the Risk of Falls

July 25, 2014

balance training
Article written by: Jim Storhok DPT, ATC
Autumn is in the air, and it is the time of the year when leaves start to fall and the ground can become slick at times.  For this month’s newsletter, I wanted to discuss the importance of balance training to decrease the risk of falls as we moved into the fall and winter months.  There are things that […]


Strengthening and Stretching for Arthritic Conditions

Article written by: Jim Storhok DPT, ATC
This month we are going to be discussing the benefits of strengthening and stretching for arthritic conditions.  It seems that arthritis is a type a diagnosis that affects many Americans, and can affect patients young and old.  It seems that people may become affected in their early 30s and the frequency seems to progress as they age.  Weight-bearing joints […]


Proper Lower Back Care During Pregnancy

Article written by: Jim Storhok DPT, ATC
This month, I would like to discuss the importance of proper lower back care during pregnancy.  I can speak from experience on this one, as my wife is currently 6 months pregnant and experiencing mild to moderate lower back pain.  There are different causes of low back pain during pregnancy, as some people may have pre-existing conditions including degeneration, […]


Sleeping Right Tips

Article written by: Jim Storhok DPT, ATC
Have you ever gotten up in the morning with a raging headache or pain in your neck? Most people attribute this scenario to “sleeping wrong”. It is actually quite a common complaint heard in physical therapy. Many people have a certain amount of “wear ‘n tear” with regards to their neck joints, and it is very important to preserve […]


Using a Lumbar Roll to Deal with Low Back Pain

Article written by: Jim Storhok DPT, ATC
They say that April showers bring May flowers, and vacation time for most people is rapidly approaching! This is the time of year where families pile into the car and head away to their favorite vacation spot, cottage, or amusement park.  Those places are always so much more enjoyable if, when you arrive, you feel […]


Exercise for a Neutral Cervical Spine

neutral spine
Article written by: Alfonse F. Neumann III BS, MSA, ACSM, CSCS
Cervical pain is so prevalent these days, that it seems everyone has experienced it once in his or her life. Are there ways to prevent this problem from ever happening? That answer can depend largely on you.
Research suggests that many cervical spine problems are preventable because they result from poor posture and poor […]


Exercises for Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

exercise for pregnancy
Article written by: Alfonse F. Neumann III BS, MSA, ACSM, CSCS
Lower back pain is one of the most common discomforts of pregnancy. Women generally gain between 25 and 35 pounds while pregnant, so it’s no surprise that most women experience back pain at least once during their pregnancy. Not only do certain hormones increase in preparation for the birth of the baby, […]


Stretches and Exercises for People with Arthritis

arthritis exercise
Article written by: Alfonse F. Neumann III BS, MSA, ACSM, CSCS
As you age, the risk of developing arthritis increases especially if you do not exercise regularly or at least maintain an active lifestyle. What happens is that the cartilage in your joints wears down, and then your joints hurt and feel tender and stiff. The stiffness and pain associated with the arthritis can […]