National Food Safety Education Month

Posted on October 7, 2019

Written By: Lisa Perry, RDN, Lisa Perry Nutrition,
September is National Food Safety Education Month. Food safety is important to prevent food-borne illness. Here are some simple tips to keep your family healthy:
  • Wash hands before, during and after food preparation. Also, wash hands before eating. All
  • family members should make this a habit, even little children. This is the number one defense against the spread of harmful germs, in and out of the kitchen.
  • Cross-contamination of germs can happen easily. When cutting raw meat or fish, wash the cutting board with hot, soapy water, before using the board to cut fruit or vegetables, counter-tops with hot, soapy water, after food preparation or spills.
  • Change towels and dishcloths, regularly, and launder them in hot water. Bacteria grow quickly, in sponges, so replace them often.
  • Remember to clean appliances, including the interiors. Germs can grow easily on spilled food or grease.
Always keep perishable foods at 40° or below, to prevent spoilage.