Exercise at Home vs Gym

Posted on July 15, 2019

Written By: Megan DeLuca, MEd, CPT, PTS Fitness Blogger

Everyone knows that exercise has many benefits but does the environment you work out in make a difference? It depends on your personal preferences and fitness goals. Here are some things to consider for both.
✔ Saves Time – No travel time is a huge bonus when considering busy schedules.
✔ More Program Variety – Every type of workout style and the program is just a click away.
✔ More Comfort – No fancy workout clothes or poorly maintained equipment.
✔ Less Equipment Needed – Customize your workout space with only the items you want.

▪ Less Large Equipment – If you prefer the larger, heavier equipment like selectorized machines, squat racks, cable machines, etc.
▪ Less Social – This can be a pro or con, depending on your personality type. Some people prefer a workout buddy or chatting with familiar faces while others like flying solo.
▪ More Technology – From DVD’s to streaming devices, you’ll need to know what’s required and how to use them.
▪ Less Accountability – Unless you are involved with an online fitness group, personal trainer or a friend, you are on your own to stay focused.

✔ More Equipment Variety – You have most everything you need from large to small.
✔ One-on-One Assistance – There is nothing quite like having a fitness professional right next to you or nearby while you workout.
✔ More Social – There is a lot to be said for seeing familiar faces and friends. For some people, the gym may be the main source of social interaction.
✔ More Accountability – Depending on the gym, many will offer workout challenges to boost motivation and encourage friendly competition.
✔ Amenities – The pool, spa, tennis courts, etc., can be attractive benefits of the gym.

▪ Extra Fees – From joining fees to membership fees, there are extra costs that can take away from the investment you’re making to your health.
▪ More Time – You will need to consider extra driving time, wait time for equipment, etc.,
which all adds up to more time spent at the gym.
▪ Social Pressure – Some may feel more pressure.
▪ Equipment Quality – The increased traffic can sometimes mean that function,
maintenance and cleanliness may be a sporadic or a constant issue.

The good thing is that you can make either environment work to your advantage with a little thought and planning. If you are someone who is hungry for socializing and feels more motivated when working out in a group, then you would fit best in a gym. If having privacy and working out at your own pace are priorities, then you might want to stick to exercising at home.
In any case, do what makes you happy and helps you achieve your best workout.