Watch Your Step!

Posted on June 7, 2019

Written By: Alena Walrath, LPTA

We are often reminded to be extra careful in the winter months when the ground is icy and the
sky is cloudy, but don’t let the warmer weather of summer catch you off guard. Here are some
tips to avoid falling any time of year.
Are you planning to go to the pool this summer? Whether indoors or outdoors, pool decks can
be slippery. Unfortunately, flip-flops don’t offer much to keep you from falling. Choosing the
right footwear can be critical when it comes to preventing falls. No matter where you are
walking, it’s best to avoid any type of footwear with an open back and choose footwear that fits
properly with non-slip soles. This goes for slippers too!
Making small modifications in your house can also make a big difference. Do you have rugs in
your house? Throw rugs, older rugs that are curled up at the edges, and rugs without non-slip
the backing can all be trip hazards. Also, don’t underestimate the importance of good lighting in
your home. If you wake up in the middle of the night, don’t assume you know where things are;
take a second to turn on a light.
While there are some things you can do to prevent falls, there are only so many things you can
do to modify your environment. Exercise is important for those moments when something
catches you off guard. Strengthening your muscles and increasing your flexibility can improve
your balance. If you have a history of falling or are concerned about your balance, contact us to
schedule an appointment. We can create a personalized treatment program with exercises
designed to improve your balance and specifically address any weakness or tightness you may experience