Choosing Physical Therapy over Opioids

Posted on March 7, 2019

Written By: Diana Francis, LPTA

It is no secret, opioid addiction is a growing problem in the US. The growing number of misuse of these drugs is alarming.

In 2016, the US department of Health and Human Services reported that 116 people in the US were dying every day from this epidemic, and 11.5 million people were misusing these drugs.(

In many instances, people do not intend to be taking these drugs for an extended period of time, but they become dependent and quickly addicted.  These are everyday people, who generally start out with pain, see their doctor to address it, and are given a prescription to address it.

Physical Therapy has been proven effective in reducing pain levels, and restoring function in individuals, often without additional interventions.  The APTA provides useful information, stating when Physical Therapy may be a better alternative.(

As information is more widely spread and people seek other alternatives to manage their pain, hopefully they will seek tools to help manage and maintain their progress, which physical therapy can provide.