Stay Healthy & Enjoy the Coming Good Weather

Posted on May 21, 2015

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Tips to Prevent Injuries That are Common with an Increase in Activity


Written By: Patrick Brennan, DPT, OMPT, ASTYM Certified

Springtime for many people means becoming more active.  Soccer games, walking the dog, getting the yard back in shape; whatever your chosen activities, it is important to prepare your body, in order to prevent injuries that are common with an increase in activity.  Make sure you give yourself 10-15 minutes to warm up with light activity before starting something more vigorous.  For example, before starting a run, walk a block or two.

Dynamic stretching before activity combined with static stretching afterwards can help your circulation and flexibility, which can prevent injuries such as pulled hamstrings and herniated discs.  It is all too easy to skip stretching, especially with time being short in supply.  However, besides preventing injury, proper stretching can help make activities more enjoyable and comfortable, and allows you to perform at your best.

It is also important to avoid over doing it, especially early in the season.  If you are doing yard clean up and gardening, avoid spending too much time in one position.  If you are bent over pulling weeds or washing floors, it is important to take breaks to stand up and stretch.  It is also good practice to break up jobs into small pieces.  Although there is a sense of accomplishment from finishing a large job all at once, the forgotten price is often sore muscles, achy joints, or worse.  It’s ok to clean one room or one section of the yard at a time.

We hope that everyone is able to stay healthy and enjoy the coming good weather. Please call or stop in if you feel you are in need of a free consultation, a Physical Therapy evaluation, or wellness care.