To operate as a benchmark facility within the dynamic physical therapy profession.


To serve Southeastern Michigan through the practice and teaching of quality, efficacious and ethical care.

Core Values

Team Work/ Collaboration

For staff, patients, and physicians to communicate openly and often, and work together towards functional optimization.


Acts of kindness and demonstrations of expertise should not be confined within four walls; we are purposefully rooted in our metro Detroit community.


To be honest and of strong moral character.


To continually pursue growth and learning, to provide students with practical experience and to provide patients and their families with the best information about procedures, treatments, and therapies.


Build open and honest relationships through communication.


Understanding must precede advice and is the gateway to providing optimal solutions.


To encourage and support our patients and coworkers to strive to perform at their highest possible capacity.

Health & Wellbeing

We believe firmly in quality of life for all.

Passion & Determination

We believe in having a positive and optimistic attitude about everything we do to inspire others to have the same attitude. There is satisfaction in knowing that all we do has a meaningful impact on people’s lives each day.


Use of newly-developed procedures for testing, evaluation, and treatment coupled with extensive use of peer-reviewed rehabilitation research to ensure the best possible patient results.

The demonstration of these principles allows us to foster a positive team and family environment while providing superior patient care and the best possible patient outcomes.